PCB Calculator
Ver. 2.2

This site contains tools useful when calculating traces and vias in PCB design.

Some of these tools are based on the theoretical models and some on experience. Some tools are limited in what they can acheive. If these limits are violated the program will alarm.

The unit of length is generally mm. In some calculations the unit of length is of no importance as long as the same unit is used overall.

Note! The outcome of the calculations reflects ideal circumstances. Influencing traces or production tolerances are not considered.


Calculation of impedance, capacitance, signal velocity of traces on different layers.
Calculation of differential impedance is also possible.





Calculation of the crosstalk between traces on the same ground plane or on different ground planes.





Current carrying capacity

Calculation of the maximum current a trace or via can conduct.
This applies to continous current as well as transients.






Calculation of the maximum heat conduct of a plated via.




Last uppdated: 2008-06-17
Sören Nilsson